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Teacher Training

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The Bhakti Flow Teacher Training Program with Rusty Wells

Learn the art of teaching yoga in an environment wrapped in love and devotion

Joyful, energetic and mind-blowing are often used to describe Rusty’s classes. The Bhakti Flow Teacher Training takes this to another level. It is a powerful experience that will take you deep into the practice of bhakti and Rusty’s belief that we can best serve others and heal ourselves through unconditional love and devotion. The very nature of this training is to take you far beyond simply deepening your practice and learning to teach yoga by encouraging you to discover your own unique voice, uncover the true knowledge and aliveness that resides within, and ignite a profound commitment to living a life of bhakti.

The Bhakti Flow Yoga Teacher Training is hosted twice a year in San Francisco and several times a year around the world. Rusty is joined by a world class team of instructors in different modalities of the yoga arts. We invite you to review our program guidelines for the upcoming teacher training programs and let us know how we can best serve you.

You will study:
Anatomy of yogasana
Overview of yoga history and philosophy
How to teach an inspirational vinyasa class
Basic sequencing techniques
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The Art of Teaching
By Rusty Wells

Creating a Following, Nurturing Community

Where do teachers come from?

When I first began teaching yoga, I had already been working a full time job in an acute health care setting. In addition to my forty hour per week commitment, I worked on-call much of the time and spent most of the remaining hours either on my yoga mat or fast asleep in bed. I was practicing a lot of yoga, loving the experience, and I took my first teacher training program in order to delve deeper. When a studio owner asked if I would start teaching a Friday 6am class, I realized that this was one of the few spaces in my schedule when I could actually give it a try.

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