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Class Description

Seated students DrumsTwo guests and Rusty Wells Kids and adult students seated in a circle Students in upward facing dog Rusty Wells

'Level 1'

Suitable for all beginners and all student levels

'Level 1-2'

Eager Beginners and seasoned vinyasa students

'Level 2-3'

Students must have 1+ years of regular dedicated vinyasa experience.
There are no exceptions. In addition, student levels may be determined by each teacher.
Each teacher has the right to refuse any student at any time.

'All Levels'

A vigorous Flow for those with 10+ vinyasa-based classes

'Rusty's classes'

This is NOT your Grandma's Yoga....

Rusty's classes begin with approximately 15 minutes of fellowship and settling of the room. An invocation chant precedes and concludes the asana practice. The room may be rather full and sometimes we ask students to shift their mat in order to make space for those arriving later. We ask that students remain generous, kind, and understanding in this process.

The class is a dance-filled prayer with music and a lot of sweat. If you are not someone who enjoys a jubilant sweat-fest of Bhakti Flow, this may not be the right class for you.

If you prefer no assistance, simply tell us, or place a No Touch Chip (from the front desk) in clear view at the top and/or back of your mat. And if there is anything we can do for you, just let us know.

Please note that Rusty's classes (including fellowship) last about two hours. Stay for the entire class. Do not leave early. If you cannot stay for the entire class, this is not the right class for you.